Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting With Copics

Let me start out by first saying that I am NO Copic expert! For detailed information on how to color with these magical markers, please click on the link to the left which will lead you to the Ilikemarkers blog. Marianne is the copic expert! I just see a lot of questions from stampers on SCS asking which Copics to start with when they make their first purchase. So I put together a list my of most-used favorites. Again, these are MY favorites, and everyone has their own style and taste, so they me be all wrong for you! I love more subtle rustic colors, and tend to stay away from brights, so these colors are more muted. They are also fairly versatile selections. This is a basic starting-off point, to which you will be adding to as you branch off into your own style.

This collection starts with the basics, a colorless blender and C1 for light shadows and outlining. BG000 is a watery outline color with a bit of blue-green tint. E41 is a great white color for outlining things that should remain white.

For browns E21 (skin) and then the 2 in that row, E25 (nice medium brown) and E27 (plain brown) are the colors I often choose for coloring trees, dirt, hair and my brown monkeys too. I use E31 a's a beig-y sandy color. A lighter pinker skin is E00 which is usually the go-to skin color.

For greens...most used are the G20's: G20, G21, G24 and a little G28 (same as 29 so don't bother with both)...I usually use these on grass, leaves and trees.

Favorite blues are the B90's: B91, B93, B95 and B97. These have a soft denim appearance...but work with almost anything I need a blue for. I use BG72 a lot too with these blue colors or on its own for dark water.

Yellow-orange...good basics to start with are Y23, Y38 and YR68...this offers a soft yellow, dark yellow and an orange.

Reds...this one is tough...I use so many! To start with though, I would go with the R20's...all of them. This gives a nice blendable range from soft pink to a red.

These colors will offer options for blending with each other as well as great colors to use alone and for shadows. As you start buying Copics you will quickly find out which ones you need next! And, yes, you just might *need* them all!


Janet Bagnall said...

Thanks for that list Cher - it is going to help me get my collection started correctly. I already have some but am always unsure which ones to get that coordinate with each other. I appreciate your help with this. Have a great evening.

Lisa Renéa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this info.