Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Stamp Inventory

I finally got this done! This is my little stamp book with every stamp I own inside. I did a 6x6 size since almost every set I have fits on a sheet of paper that size, so each page would have it's own set, and with smaller sets there are 2 or three on a page. After stamping ALL 170-some sets of images (here is the one time I am thankful that I don't have as many as everyone else), I bound it all together with my Bind-it-All. I did leave some blank pages in sections where I knew I would buy more stamps, as well as the backs of a lot of pages to add similar sets where they fit in. The hole spacing is the same as the SU binding punch though, too, so it would be easy to add more pages later. Though this binding wire won't fit any more I would just take it apart when I outgrow it and make for SU and one for all other brands. All of the pages are cardstock, so there is no bleeding through.

I added basic tabs with my SU Tab Punch for each general Stampin' Up theme. And then each other company has a tab if there is more than one set. Finally, there is one section of odds and ends marked 'Other'.

I laid out the pages so that any sets that had another very similar or matching set were facing each other. Also the wheels were stamped on small (less than half) sheets and then added in with the sets that they worked with.

Backgrounds were stamped on these smaller sheets as well, and if they went with a specific set (ie: Chicken Wire with Best of Cluck) I put them in with it, and the remainder of the backgrounds have their own section.

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Vanessa said...

God, I'd need 100 of these!!! LOL I started a project like this YEARS ago but I was using a 3 ring binder with page protectors. It would've taken me my whole life to get it done so I moved on! hehe It's really cute though and if it works for you, that's all that matters... but you need more stamps ;)