Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ink Pad Storage Unit

I got the idea for this from similar units that were being sold on Ebay. I needed my ink storage to fit inside a specific space on a shelf, so my husband helped (ran the table saw) make this one exactly how I needed it. The SU ink pads fit perfectly, with just enough sticking out the front to let you get a good hold on the thumb grips to pull one out. They have little room to move around so they always look nice and straight. I had been asked how we did this, and I have to say I didn't create any actual plans, but I have decided to post the basic directions on how we did this and the measurements for you girls to give to your handy husbands. :)

You can definitely modify this to fit the space you need. We bought 1x4 pine and 1/8" masonite, it was the same thing the peg boards are made from only without the holes...I am pretty sure it's called masonite anyway. Decide how many rows wide x how many columns and multiply this for your total in compartments. We cut the masonite into 4 1/8 x 3 1/4" squares (one for each compartment minus however many columns wide you are making it. You cut the 1x4 the same number of inches as the rows you decided on, and you cut one more than the # of columns. Mine is 4 columns of 13 we cut 5 1x4s at 13 inches long. We ripped these down to 3.25" wide, and then routed them with the table saw blade at every inch slightly over 1/8" deep. All but two get routed on both sides, and the last two just one side (these are the outsides). Then we fit all the little shelves in (pound with a rubber's a tight fit) squared it off and air-nailed a full-width 1x4 cut with a slight overhang to the top and bottom. We added a square of masonite to the back too.

I am trying to get DH to help with a new one as I recently ran out of space! So make it BIG enough the first time!


Susan said...

Hi Cher,
I didn't realize you had a blog until I followed your copic marker link. Thanks for all the great copic info and your cards and blog are great! I'll definitely be checking in often.
Susan T in NC

Jennifer Talley said...

Oh my gosh, I want one of these! I wish my husband was as handy with a table saw as yours!

ND Stamper Spot said...

This is great. Thanks for the instructions and dimensions.